postfwd docker support

To run postfwd in a docker container you should use at least version 1.39 of postfwd. There are pre-built images postfwd/postfwd:stable or postfwd/postfwd:devel available at from DockerHub. Alternatively you can download the postfwd distibution and build the image by yourself.


Using a pre-built image

a.) docker

b.) docker-compose

Building your own image

Get the postfwd docker files

The Dockerfile that was used to build the images at DockerHub can be found within the subfolder docker/ of the postfwd distribution. You can get it from:

Build the image

Configure the container

For reasonable operation you should configure postfwd. First create your own ruleset. Please look at the manpage or for more information on this topic.

a.) docker

b.) docker-compose